• Just a friendly reminder to parents of students entering the Sixth Grade next school year.  Your child needs a TdaP Booster within 14 calendar days of the start of school.  Please make your appointments early, as doctor offices are busy and the wait time for an appointment can be long. 

    Students who will be entering Kindergarten need a physical and must be up to date on the required vaccinations.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Terwilliger in the Elementary Health Office.

    New York State Public Health Law, Section 2164 mandates that schools not permit a child to be admitted to school in excess of fourteen calendar days unless the parent/guardian provides the school with a certificate of immunization, proof from a physician that for health reasons the required immunizations are contraindicated for the child, or verification from a physician that a student has a scheduled appointment for missing vaccines and can thereby be considered “in process”.

    2018-2019 School Year NYS Immunization Requirements