• What is a Board of Education?
    A school board member in New York State serves as a state official.  The board's powers are derived from the state Constitution, laws of New York State, and rulings of the state Commisioner of Education.  As elected representatives, board members ensure that the school remains responsive to the needs of district residents by serving as a link between school and community.  The Board of Education establishes official policy and sets goals for the school district.  Board decisions can be made only by the Board acting as a whole in a public meeting.

    Board of Education Meeting Schedule
    Meetings typically start at 6:00 p.m. and alter locations based on the particular date.  Board of Education meetings at the elementary building are held in the cafetorium and in the library at the high school.  


    Board of Education Members and terms
    The Board is composed of seven community members who are elected to 5-year terms by district residents.

    • Jodi VanGorden --term expires 6/2022
    • Andrew Butler--term expires 6/2025
    • Chad Groff--term expires 6/2022
    • Jason Hayes--term expires 6/2023
    • Andrew Cornell--term expires 6/2024
    • Dylan Price--term expires 6/2026
    • Laura Eggleston--term expires 6/2026

    Melinda Morgan, District Clerk, 792-3675 ext. 7313