•      Hello and welcome to the first official Newsletter of the school year!  Wow, 2020 has been a crazy rollercoaster ride thus far hasn’t it?  We have all been presented with new challenges and roadblocks during the Covid pandemic but I do believe that as we cross each hurdle we gain in strength and willpower to carry on! 

         We all started the school year with the hope that being in session five days a week would be our schedule.  Unfortunately, we hit yet another bump in the road and the high school decided the hybrid model would work best moving forward.  A huge thank you to all staff, students, parents and community members for assisting with this transition.  I have worked in multiple districts throughout my years in education and I can honestly say that JT has been such a pleasant experience thus far, even in a pandemic!  I truly believed it would be extremely stressful being responsible for making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible during this strange time in history.  Things such as enforcing wearing of masks, social distancing, following a school model none of us ever thought we would experience, etc. etc.  Truth be told, it has not been nearly as difficult as I thought because everyone in JT is cooperating together.  Again, I thank each and every one of you for that!

         The soccer and cross-country seasons have gotten underway.  Although they certainly look a bit different this year it is still exciting to see those students and coaches out there on the fields preparing to compete.  Please pay close attention to our AD, Jean Green’s newsletter article as it contains a great deal of necessary information.  She is a wonderful advocate for sports and has worked diligently and positively to assist in making this season a reality, amid ever changing guidance.

         Please remember that our cafeteria is ready and willing to provide every student with 3 breakfast and lunch meals for free.  The pickup is at the high school on Mondays from 4:00-6:00 pm.  If you need an order form please pick one up from the office.  You only need to fill it out once in order to receive the free weekly meals.  This is a courtesy that we hope each family will take advantage of.

         Please remember to fill out the Covid questionnaire that is found on our web page.  This needs to be filled out each weekday, even if you are learning remotely that day.  The reason for this is because we have to fill out a daily Covid questionnaire for both the Department of Health (DOH) and the State for each school building.  Our information relies on the accuracy of the information you provide us so I thank you for remembering to do this daily.

         When doing your daily attendance please remember that if you are having difficulty logging on call our school nurse at 792-3690 Ext. 7315 by 8:15 am.  You need to check in for attendance daily.  If at all possible please try to schedule appointments, i.e. orthodontist, eye doctor, permit or driving tests, etc. on days your child/children are not scheduled to be in the school building.

         You should have already received a form home about a 1 to 1 device. We have started the process of handing out a computer to each student in grades 7-12.  We are expecting many new computers to arrive sometime in October but want to get this process started now.  When the new devices arrive, we will be exchanging some of the older devices for newer ones. 

         That’s all the information I have at this point.  Please feel free to reach out to the school with any questions or concerns you have.  I wish you all a fantastic fall!