• Spectators please be aware of an update to the Sportsmanship section of the NYSPHSAA Handbook: This is verbatim from the Handbook that all NYSPHSAA members must follow:

    c. Spectator:

    1. Expectation Statement: Officials, just like student athletes and coaches, are critical to interscholastic sports programs. Without officials, NYSPHSAA and its member schools would not be able to provide interscholastic sports in the manner that is desired and expected by student athletes, coaches, and parents. Spectators are expected to “Be Loud, Be Proud, and Be Positive.” Negative comments and inappropriate behaviors by spectators are required to be addressed by all and any school supervisors and administrators, as a member of NYSPHSAA. Spectators may be prohibited from attending current and future interscholastic contests based on their behavior. (Oct. 2022)

    2. Spectator Regulation: Any negative, inappropriate, derogatory comments or actions that draw the direct attention of a supervisor or school administrator by a spectator or group of spectators are required to be addressed by the host school, Sectional or NYSPHSAA representative in the following non-sequential order depending on the comments or behavior:

     • First warning – Directing the spectator or group of spectators to refrain from any negative comments or actions.

     • Second warning – A personal discussion with the spectators or group of spectators on the above NYSPHSAA expectations and reminding the spectators or group of spectators of the next step, removal of the game or event, will be utilized if the behavior continues.

    • Removal from the contest – The spectator or group of spectators will be directed to leave the facility for the remainder of the game or event. If spectators or group of spectators refuse to leave the game or event, play will be stopped until they vacate the premise.

    Penalty for being removed from a game or event: Any spectator removed from a game or event will have a minimum penalty of completing the NFHS Parent Credential course or a one game suspension before they are allowed to attend any interscholastic event. Once the course is completed the spectator will provide a certificate of completion to the athletic department office. Schools are required to communicate with the offending spectator on the NYSPHSAA Sportsmanship Spectator Expectations.


    Below will be the spring sports practice schedule for the first week. This is weather permitting. If the weather is warm and the fields are dry, the baseball and softball teams will be on the baseball and softball fields. 

    Modified Baseball- 3:30-5:00- Greenwood Gym or Field

    JV Baseball- 5:00-7:00- Greenwood Gym

    Modified Softball- 3:30-5:00- Troupsburg Gym or Field

    JV Softball 5:00-7:00- Troupsburg Gym or Field

    Golf- 3:20-5:00- Greenwood

    Track- First Day- 3:20- 5:00- Elementary School




    Congratulations to James Ainsworth and Keira Marsh for being the February Athletes of the Month!



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    The 2022-23 school year calendar, games, and events are added as they become known. 





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